Pasta is more than just a noodle


From driving students on Flex Days and fund-raising to organizing community service events and the beautification of the school, the Parent, Administrator, Student, Teacher Association (PASTA) never fails to keep RCHS running smoothly. ... ... PASTA at RCHS was "formed to support the teachers, staff, and students and to encourage active parent participation... [Read More]

Student stars take the stage


On March 22, Student Government Association held its annual Open Mic Night fundraiser. In this popular event, students are invited to perform for free in front of a crowd. SGA President Senior R. Hammond said, "[Open Mic Night] is SGA's most successful event of the year and a lot of people normally show up. Teachers and parents included. The purpose... [Read More]

RCHS is rowdy...for science!


... On Saturday, February 23, RCHS sent 2 teams to the Ocean Science Blue Heron Bowl. This event took place in Jordan Hall on North Carolina State University's (NCSU) campus. The RCHS A team won the State competition and will be competing April 20 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for the National Championship. Seniors J. Tseng, B. Whitfield, D. Qu, J. Cookmeyer... [Read More]

Study skills for a new semester


With first semester exams behind students, it may be time to refocus on study skills. In October 2012, English teacher Mike Rios and Math teacher and Academic Dean Lisa Huddleston held a seminar on Strategies for Academic Success for freshmen and their parents. During their presentation, they emphasized 5 key strategies to maintain grades in the most... [Read More]

A is for Apple®


As the holiday season approaches, it is becoming evident that toys of today are increasingly based around technology. For teenagers, this means the new smart phone, laptop, or video game of the year. In fact even kids aged 6-12 most want an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in 2012 according to However, a mere decade ago toys... [Read More]


... [Read More]

Graduation here again!


The end of the 2012 school year brings a plethora of emotions as we say goodbye to our seniors. Seniors are counting down the days to graduation, a symbolic step as they leap from high school to college. ... ... Graduation will take place at Meymandi Concert Hall at the Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts, and there is no question that it... [Read More]

RCHS wins the Battle of the Carolinas


On March 9, the doors at Duke Law school closed behind RCHS Constitutional Issues students as they entered the hearing room. Joining RCHS students were students from 5 other schools: Camp Lejeune High School, Forest Hills High School, J.P. Knapp Early College, North Hills Christian High School, and Northwest Guilford High School. The courtroom was in... [Read More]

Becoming a citizen of the world


RCHS completely goes against the cookie-cutter idea of a public school. RCHS has always been unique so it is no surprise that the values and foundation of our school would be unique as well.... RCHS started when parents from Magellan Charter School wished to continue the secure, nurturing, and academically enriched education that their children had... [Read More]

Congratulations class of 2012, you're officially second semester seniors!


The official countdown begins seniors! There are approximately 123 days until graduation on June 1! As 2nd semester is here, there are so many activities for seniors to look forward to. From senior breakfast to senior shirts, seniors should be excited about 2nd semester.... ... Even though graduation is the prominent event of this semester, seniors... [Read More]
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