June 4, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 6

Athletic Awards

By Z. Lewis

RCHS athletics celebrated Athletic Awards Night in Kenan Recital Hall on Monday, May 20. Principal Dr. Thomas Humble led off the night with a speech of thanks to both the athletes and the athletes' families for making commitments to RCHS sports and for being what he called "citizen-athletes".

Phoenix Award winners Senior D. Strum and R. Hammond.
The year started out with Fall Sports, which consisted of Men's Soccer, Women's Volleyball, Women's Tennis, and Cross Country. Men's Soccer advanced deep into their playoffs for their State Championship, defeating rival NCSSM in overtime, but losing to Franklin Academy. Women's Volleyball was dominant all season, making a playoff run that got them to the State Championship match. Cross Country, perhaps one of the biggest RCHS teams, sent individuals to compete in State Championships as well. Women's Tennis sent several successful players into the play-offs.

Winter Sports included Swimming and Men's and Women's Basketball. The Women's Basketball team won almost as many games as they ever have in their history. The RCHS Women's Swim team went undefeated this year during the regular season and capped it off with an overwhelming victory at the State Championship, which happened to be their third in a row. The men's team took only 5 swimmers to the State Championship and still managed to grasp a 9th place finish.

Spring Sports included Men's Tennis, Golf, Track and Field, and Women's Soccer. Men's Tennis sent highly talented players to compete in Regional competition. Golf also had players competing outside of the regular season. Track and Field sent several athletes to the State Championships and collectively broke several school records. Women's Soccer scored well over 100 goals this season, while opponents only scored 12 against them. Their only loss came to rival NCSSM. RCHS played in the State Championships on Saturday, May 25 and finished 2nd in the state.

Every coach in attendance was allotted time to make a speech about their team and hand out awards. Each sport designated a Most Improved Award, a Coach's Award, and a Most Valuable Award.

The night concluded with the largest award, known as the Phoenix Award. According to Athletics Director Steve Efird, the Phoenix Award goes to, "one female senior athlete and one male senior athlete. It's an award for one of the top student athletes that we have. [It is] Kind of a reflection of their four years." The male award went to Senior D. Strum, who participated in Men's Soccer, Men's Swimming, and Men's Tennis. The female award went to Senior R. Hammond, who participated in Women's Swimming and Women's Soccer.