June 4, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 6

Academic Award's Night

By D. John

On Wednesday, May 22, 2013, RCHS students gathered in Kenan Hall at William Peace University to celebrate another great year. The purpose of the gathering was Academic Award's Night recognizing students for exceptional work in different departments at RCHS. The night began with the handing out of several book awards. Book awards are given by colleges to junior students who show leadership both within and outside of the classroom. Junior F. Hazheer won the Bryn Mawr Award while Junior L. Boehling won the Randolph College Book Award. "I was excited and honored to receive an award, and just to be recognized by my peers and the faculty was cool," Boehling said. Juniors M. Hren, C. Sharp, J. Ord, and A. Huck would also go on to win the Salem College Book Award, Wellesley College Book Award, Wake Forest Book Award, and Dartmouth Book Award, respectively.

Senior H.Driver receives the Drama Award from Junior A.Huck.

Next, the ceremony recognized seniors who had outstanding performances, in particular departments over their 4 years at RCHS. Seniors S. Rezeli and C. Foglemen won the Visual Arts Award while Seniors S. Austin and S. Ray were recognized for their great effort in Band. The English and Science Award was awarded to Senior B. Whitfield. Senior T. Li won the Math Award and Senior A. Dilalla won the History Award. As the evening progressed, more department awards, such as foreign language. Senior B. Jones won both the French and German Award, Senior C. Fowle won the Chinese Award, and Senior J. Grabowski won the Spanish Award. Other scholarships were handed out as well. Seniors C. Fowle and C. ReBarker received the Thompson Award for Intellectual Engagement. This scholarship is given by RCHS faculty to students who have inspired them and engaged them as educators. Overall, the night was a huge success. Congratulations to all the senior and junior students who won awards and made RCHS proud.