June 4, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 6

A summer filled with fun and games?

By K. Trivedi

For most kids growing up, summer was filled with camps, beach days, and sprinkler tag. Nowadays, however, many students wish to have a productive summer, primarily because, starting in recent years, colleges make it a point to look at summer activities as an important tool in "developing a total picture of [an] applicant," Nancy Maly, Director of Admission at Grinnell College stated to education.com. Due to this reason, 81% of 21 RCHS students think it is important for students to choose educational programs to participate in over the summer.

Students have plenty of programs and various activities that they can choose from throughout the nation. Two that are particularly renowned in N.C. are the programs known as Summer Ventures in Science and Math and The Governor's School of North Carolina.

Senior R. He performs at The Governor's School.

The Governor's School of North Carolina is a publically funded summer program for rising seniors and some select rising juniors. It was the first program of its kind nationwide when it was opened in 1963 at Salem College in Winston-Salem. In 1978 the program expanded, and The Governor's School East was opened in Laurinburg, N.C. In 2000, Governor's School East was relocated to Meredith College.

Every year, both of the 2 campuses are flooded with 305 students who excel in the performing and visual arts. Every student who attends Governor's School is nominated and chosen based on test scores and the essay sent in with their application. Students who are applying to be a part of the music or dance program also have to audition in front of a panel. The program lasts for 5 weeks where academic discipline and the arts are integrated into the courses on both campuses. Students from RCHS that will be attending Governor's School this year are Juniors A. Huck, M. Self, S. Bennett, E. Nicholls, H. Sun and Sophomores J. Rao and S. Sridhar.

Summer Ventures in Science and Mathematics is another prestigious program in N.C. Summer Ventures is a cost-free, state-funded program for academically talented N.C. high school students who have demonstrated interest in science and mathematics. Summer Ventures is geared towards students who aspire to eventually go into a career in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Rising seniors and juniors are accepted into programs hosted on 4 different campuses: University of North Carolina at Charlotte, East Carolina University, Appalachian State University, and North Carolina Central University. To get into the program students must fill out an application posted on the Summer Ventures website.

Both Summer Ventures and The Governor's School are esteemed programs that allow N.C. high school students to have an opportunity to participate in activities that help stimulate their own talent. Senior R. He, who participated in The Governor's School program, stated that the best part of these types of programs is that "you are able to thrive when participating in them because you are doing something you are passionate about, no matter what interests you."

Although it is too late to apply to either one this year, students can always apply next year once the new application deadlines are established. This year, however, there are many other equally productive and interesting things RCHS students can still do this summer. Students still have time to apply for the Broyhill Summer Leadership Conference that has been taking place in Charlotte since 1982. Application deadlines for the program are June 1. Students who are not interested in participating in any enrichment programs can always apply for a job this summer or volunteer. Both of these are excellent ways to show colleges that you are a well-rounded student.