June 4, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 6

On the farm

By T. Roerick

Junior T. Roerick and Sophmore C. Downey performing at Art Farm.
RCHS had a full house at Art Farm & Cake Bake on May 17 as SOOTS hosted its annual event to raise money for poor and elderly blues musicians. This event was not just a great way to raise money, but it was also a great way to get students and alumni more involved with the school and to display their artistic talents.

SOOTS members (and other students) baked almost 40 cakes; there were also many gallons of milk to wash it all down. At Art Farm there were great live music and wonderful displays of student and alumni art. Students and alumni at RCHS also sold their artwork that they displayed at Art Farm. SOOTS member and Junior R. Behrns says that "[she] love[s] the opportunity that it provides for students to actually display their art to the public and maybe even sell some of it."

Tickets for Cake Bake were sold for $6.00 before school, at lunch, and after school leading up to this event. Each ticket included 2 slices of cake, and each slice of cake was the equivalent of an eighth of an entire cake. There were many different types of cake, like an Oreo cake, a marble cake, a vegan cake, and a gluten-free cake. There was even a pie.

The main concern that SOOTS leaders had, SOOTS student leader and Senior E. Blondin said, was "hav[ing]... a rain plan. [Even] publicizing the event is not too difficult as it sells itself, and people have been asking and asking if they can bake cakes--so that's not much of a concern either." This year the students of RCHS displayed great artistic ability through music, and paintings, such as Alumni Kip McMillan poetry recitation, A Capella Club singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight, Junior Y. Lee's Henna Tattoos, and Senior S. Rezeli's earrings.

Overall Art Farm & Cake Bake was an incredibly fun and exciting event full of amazing artwork and wonderful music. SOOTS plans to continue this Art Farm & Cake Bake tradition for years to come.