June 4, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 6

RCHS achievements

By J. Sims

RCHS Music
Congratulations to members of the RCHS band and strings ensembles who participated in the North Carolina Music Performance Adjudication event, which took place on March 26 at Franklinton High School. The RCHS Women's Ensemble, Band, and String Ensemble all won a Superior Rating, and RCHS Mixed Ensemble won an Excellent Rating. The event was judged by 3 professional musicians, and the music groups were judged on their performance and their sight reading ability. Junior C. Leonard, a member of the band, remarked that she was "really proud and happy for all of the RCHS performers. We were really nervous, but everyone did a great job."

Chemistry Olympiad
On March 28, the members of the Chemistry Olympiad team took the local qualifying test. Senior D. Qu and Junior A. Zhou earned the top 2 scores from our school and will be moving on to the national competition which will be taking place on June 4. The top 20 students from the national competition will then try to win a spot on the U.S. Chemistry Olympiad Team and potentially study internationally in Moscow, Russia. Qu was excited about the honor saying, "I think it will be cool to study chemistry with kids from around the U.S., and if we do well enough, go to Moscow." Congratulations to Zhou and Qu and good luck in the future competitions!

National German Exam
This past winter the National German Exam was given to 3rd and 4th level German students at RCHS. Senior B. Jones, out of the 22,000 students who took the exam, did so well that he won a 4-week trip to Germany this summer. Jones was happy to be the recipient of the reward, saying "I was honored to receive this award, I didn't even think I did that well."

Science Olympiad
On Saturday April 27, the RCHS Science Olympiad Team won the State Championship. With over 200 schools competing, RCHS took 1st place, followed by Enloe in 2nd and NCCSM in 3rd. All 18 members of the team excelled to medal in their events; the 18 members were seniors J. Tseng, T. Li, D. Qu, B. Whitfield, J. Cookmeyer, S. Ray, P. Sanka; juniors M. Fisher, M. Tucker, K. Adington, B. Rutherford, J. Ord, G. Nagaraj , S. Kannan; and sophomores, P. Joshi, R. Shah, D. Rao, R. Logendran. Fisher commented on the victory saying, "We are really excited about winning. We went in there wanting to beat NCSSM and Enloe which we did!" The Science Olympiad competed in Nationals in Dayton, Ohio on May 18, landing 21st out of the 60 teams that competed. Congratulations to our Phoenix scientists who worked hard all year to get this point.

Raleigh Fine Arts Society Literary Contest
Every year hundreds of RCHS students submit their short stories to Raleigh's Fine Arts Society Literary Contest, and this year 3 RCHS sophomores did extremely well with their stories. Congratulations to sophomores H. Perez and H. Li who got 1st and 2nd place respectively in the Contest, and sophomore S. Sridhar who received honorable mention. Perez, who won 1st with her story Faces, commented "I originally wrote my story as a response assignment to the book Night, but then I ended up turning it into the contest…I was honestly really surprised when I won, since I did it so long ago." Along with the pride that comes along with winning this contest, Perez also received a cash prize of $150. Congratulations again to these sophomores.

Earlier this year, RCHS math students took the American Mathematics Contest test (AMC), and 6 RCHS students did so well that they qualified to take the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME), scoring in top 5% nationally on the AMC. Those math students are seniors J. Tseng and T. Li, and juniors S. Kannan, G. Nagaraj, and E. Mahajan. If they score well enough on the AIME, they will qualify to then take the United States of American Mathematics Olympiad Test (USAMO). Kannan comments saying, "It was awesome that all of us did that well on the AMC; hopefully we all did just as good on the AIME." Congratulations and good luck to RCHS math stars.

KidsWrite Play
Congratulations to sophomore Arya Sundaram, who has turned her short story into a play that will be performed at Burning Coal Theatre. It will be performed Friday, May 24, and Saturday May 25. The Flame encourages all students to go and watch the play. Congratulations again to Sundaram and her play's success.