June 4, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 6

Teacher feature: senior edition!

By C. OQuinn

As members of the Class of 2013 prepare for graduation, teachers begin to come up with words of wisdom and heartfelt farewells for students that they should carry with them through their years in college.

Environmental Science teacher Laurie Cone has enjoyed the Class of 2013, saying, "Wow! What an awesome, kind, curious, talented group you are! I feel so fortunate to have taught so many of you. My hope for you is that you feel both courageous and supported as you set out to do great things in your own distinctive ways. Yay sustainability!"

English teacher Steve Busonik said to seniors, "The education you received at RCHS obliges you not merely to be active, social, creative learners in college but to help other students become such learners. Here, that kind of learning feels natural; for many college students, it won't. Their reluctance doesn't relieve you of your obligation. Being a citizen of the world means being a citizen wherever you go."

Spanish teacher Mark Slattery wishes all of his senior students goodbye, saying, "Les espero éxito y mucha felicidad a todos." Slattery is wishing success and happiness to all.

History teacher David Palmieri said to his first class at RCHS, "I will always have great memories of the class of 2013 as their freshman year was also my first year at Raleigh Charter, and they are the first class I have seen all the way through from 9th to 12th grade. Class of 2013, you truly are rich as Potosi."

And lastly, RCHS Principal Thomas Humble would like to leave students with these final words: "Thank you for bringing your talent, your wisdom, and your spirit to our school. I hope that you all have wonderful, productive, and happy happy lives. Have fun. Stretch. And love one another."