June 4, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 6

Summer bucket lists

By W. Swiger

With summer vacation just around the corner, RCHS students can't stop talking about their plans for the summer. Junior A. Grant wants to "go to the beach and do some fishing." Sophomore M. Gwynn just simply wants to hit the shore. Senior S. Frein is looking forward to "a white water rafting trip in West Virginia."

However it's not necessary to leave town to have fun. The best summer moments can happen in the backyard. Sophomore R. Jones plans to see friends and visit family. 9th grader J. Hinton says he would like to play basketball. Pinterest and other online resources are booming with ideas for students to use. On these social sites people can create and share their lists or view other people's ideas. Thehappyfamilymovement.com holds a competition to see which family completes the best bucket list; competitors can enter for weekly prizes.

One game submitted by a Pinterest user was "lawn jenga." Instead of playing the classic game with small wooden blocks, it is played with wooden planks on the front lawn. Another user suggested the idea of putting golf tees in the lawn and placing ping pong balls on all of the tees. Then, using a water squirter, see how many balls one can shoot off of the tees. An idea for a night activity is to cut open a glow stick and pour the solution into bubble mix. When the bubbles are blown, they glow in the dark. On a rainy day, have a friend over for an all-day movie marathon. For a major challenge, try solving the Rubik's Cube. No matter what is on one's summer bucket list, be sure to keep the summer exciting and memorable.