June 4, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 6

Don't forget to pack!

By C. OQuinn

After 4 long and educational years RCHS seniors are ready to fly the nest for the next chapter of their lives: college. Packing for college should be on the minds of rising college newbies. The following are things that students might want to consider to bring to school:

Skype Premium: For students that want to keep up with friends and family back home, Skype Premium is a fantastic tool. A typical Skype account may not do the job for students that want to keep up with multiple friends or family members at a time back home. For only $4.99 a month, students can group chat with up to 10 people at a time, and can also make international phone calls right from a computer or smartphone.

Flip-flops: Is there better footwear than flip flops? Flip flops will come in handy if a student is grossed out by the grimy community shower. They're also comfy attire for walking around on a lazy day.

Roku: Although this product is most certainly not necessary for college, it may be a good thing to bring for the college-bound TV lover. A Roku is a tiny little box that students can plug into their TV or computer. It houses over 600 channels to choose from. Using Roku is a less expensive alternative to purchasing Cable from school. It's also a much better quality, and there is the option of watching videos from Hulu as well as similar websites.

Mini-fridge: Often this may come with the college dorm, but it is best to check before heading off. Even if there is the option of buying a mini-fridge through school, it is often more cost efficient for a student to buy a mini-fridge of their own. This way, students are able use the fridge after college is over, and not have to return it to the school.

Pop-up laundry hamper: This kind of hamper is probably the best option primarily because it will not take up very much space within a dorm room, which are infamously small. They are inexpensive, and not to mention quite lightweight.

Senior J. O'Quinn has already begun packing for college.

Bedding: There is a large likelihood that bedding will come with the room, but there is never a guarantee of comfort or cleanliness. A common misconception of dorm beds is that they are the same size as the twin beds one might have at home. They are actually longer, therefore requiring different bedding. Make sure that the new bedding is not only comfortable, but also creates a home-y feel in new room when home seems so far away.

Posters: Bring these to make a studentís dorm room feel more like home. Students should bring posters as well as pictures with best friends, family members, or pets. Students should not bring old yearbooks or things like that. They should embrace the new memories that they'll be creating, and not cling onto the old ones. However, students can always go home and reflect over high school memories.

Flash drive / Hard drive: Students will be writing plenty of papers and other various documents. It's likely that their computer is going to run out of space or crash at some inconvenient moment. To save students from this tragedy, buy a hard drive, and will serve as an assistant in the case of a catastrophic computer crash to protect back-ups of their work.

Obviously there is definitely more that students should bring, including clothes and shoes and school supplies. As a matter of fact, there are websites available for students to use as checklist for packing for college. There are many websites for this purpose, including collegepackinglist.com, dormsmart.com/dorm-room-checklist.html, and more. These websites provide students with different categories of items to pack, including items for their dorm, the kitchen, and the classroom. Tips are also provided for specific items, which provide students with ideas for what they need.

Good luck graduating seniors on upcoming endeavors at college or gap years or otherwise. Packing is not meant to be too challenging, so have fun shopping and organizing all of the things for college, and try to bring just what's necessary. Enjoy college experiences, and RCHS will miss you all.