June 4, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 6

Pasta is more than just a noodle

From driving students on Flex Days and fund-raising to organizing community service events and the beautification of the school, the Parent, Administrator, Student, Teacher Association (PASTA) never fails to keep RCHS running smoothly. ... ... PASTA at RCHS was "formed to support the teachers, staff, and students and to encourage active parent participation... [Read More]

RCHS achievements

RCHS Music... Congratulations to members of the RCHS band and strings ensembles who participated in the North Carolina Music Performance Adjudication event, which took place on March 26 at Franklinton High School. The RCHS Women's Ensemble, Band, and String Ensemble all won a Superior Rating, and RCHS Mixed Ensemble won an Excellent Rating. The event... [Read More]

RCHS performs Hamlet

"To be or not to be?" One might have found themselves asking this question while watching the students from Honors English IV as they performed the famous soliloquy found in Act 3 of Shakespeare's Hamlet. On April 30 and May 1, family, friends, and teachers gathered at Burning Coal Theatre to watch selections from the play that the students have been... [Read More]

Welcome rising 9th graders

For rising 9th graders, the first day of high school can be daunting. Upperclassmen and faculty will do their best to help each student feel prepared and comfortable. Everyone's experience will be different but will be the start of an exciting new chapter of their lives. ... "The community and the atmosphere are what make RCHS unique... Everyone is... [Read More]


The seniors are getting ready to say goodbye to RCHS as they prepare to graduate on June 6, at 6 P.M. in Meymandi Concert Hall. College counselor Glenda Atkinson has been working as the head of the graduation planning committee to put together the event. The committee held auditions in late April for speakers and musicians so that they could have a... [Read More]

Academic Award's Night

On Wednesday, May 22, 2013, RCHS students gathered in Kenan Hall at William Peace University to celebrate another great year. The purpose of the gathering was Academic Award's Night recognizing students for exceptional work in different departments at RCHS. The night began with the handing out of several book awards. Book awards are given by colleges... [Read More]

Athletic Awards

RCHS athletics celebrated Athletic Awards Night in Kenan Recital Hall on Monday, May 20. Principal Dr. Thomas Humble led off the night with a speech of thanks to both the athletes and the athletes' families for making commitments to RCHS sports and for being what he called "citizen-athletes".... The year started out with Fall Sports, which consisted... [Read More]

A summer filled with fun and games?

For most kids growing up, summer was filled with camps, beach days, and sprinkler tag. Nowadays, however, many students wish to have a productive summer, primarily because, starting in recent years, colleges make it a point to look at summer activities as an important tool in "developing a total picture of [an] applicant," Nancy Maly, Director of Admission... [Read More]

Whip of the week

This issue's Whip of the Week is Senior J. Schuessler's 1998 Jeep Wrangler. Schuessler has added his own personal style: "I got the Jeep lifted. It's got a 3 inch suspension lift." To get a vehicle "lifted" is a common practice among Jeep owners. It means raising the entire car by trading out the standard tires for oversized tires. One unique addition... [Read More]

Teacher feature: senior edition!

As members of the Class of 2013 prepare for graduation, teachers begin to come up with words of wisdom and heartfelt farewells for students that they should carry with them through their years in college. ... Environmental Science teacher Laurie Cone has enjoyed the Class of 2013, saying, "Wow! What an awesome, kind, curious, talented group you are!... [Read More]

Don't forget to pack!

After 4 long and educational years RCHS seniors are ready to fly the nest for the next chapter of their lives: college. Packing for college should be on the minds of rising college newbies. The following are things that students might want to consider to bring to school: ... Skype Premium: For students that want to keep up with friends and family back... [Read More]

Summer bucket lists

With summer vacation just around the corner, RCHS students can't stop talking about their plans for the summer. Junior A. Grant wants to "go to the beach and do some fishing." Sophomore M. Gwynn just simply wants to hit the shore. Senior S. Frein is looking forward to "a white water rafting trip in West Virginia."... ... However it's not necessary... [Read More]

On the farm

RCHS had a full house at Art Farm & Cake Bake on May 17 as SOOTS hosted its annual event to raise money for poor and elderly blues musicians. This event was not just a great way to raise money, but it was also a great way to get students and alumni more involved with the school and to display their artistic talents. ... SOOTS members (and other... [Read More]

Junk of the month

This issue's Junk of the Month goes to Senior D. Minor and his 2000 Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runner resembles a highly armored truck and does well in safety tests according to usnews.rankingsandreviews.com. Unfortunately, these safety features could not save the car from sporting some obvious damage to the front of the vehicle due to a recent accident.... [Read More]