January 28, 2013 Volume 13, Issue 3

Study skills for a new semester

With first semester exams behind students, it may be time to refocus on study skills. In October 2012, English teacher Mike Rios and Math teacher and Academic Dean Lisa Huddleston held a seminar on Strategies for Academic Success for freshmen and their parents. During their presentation, they emphasized 5 key strategies to maintain grades in the most... [Read More]

Paradigm shift

Each year, RCHS holds 2 sets of Flex Days along with one very special day known to students as the Interdisciplinary Flex Day, or ID Flex. While the ID Flex is called a Flex Day, the lessons serve a much different, more globally focused purpose for students. According to community liaison Hannah Page, ID Flex Day is "really different than any other... [Read More]

Breakfast of champions

On Thursday, January 10, the senior class passed one of many milestones during their final year in high school. The annual Senior Breakfast took place at William Peace University from 8:30 to 9:40 am. Students congregated at festively decorated tables to share a meal with classmates. The generous selection of food and drink provided for the event got... [Read More]