December 10, 2012 Volume 13, Issue 2

A is for Apple®

As the holiday season approaches, it is becoming evident that toys of today are increasingly based around technology. For teenagers, this means the new smart phone, laptop, or video game of the year. In fact even kids aged 6-12 most want an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch in 2012 according to However, a mere decade ago toys... [Read More]

Chorus rocks the stage!

On Monday, December 3, at Kenan Hall at William Peace University, RCHS Chorus students performed pieces from the Romantic Era students, teachers, and parents that they have been working on all semester. Chorus director Cynthia Brown described the song selection: "They are doing a lot of composers … like Brahms, Sauré, and so it's quite melodic and... [Read More]

Plastic surgery for children: too far?

Everyone has imperfections. Some people go all their life with ears that stick out or a large nose, or some have larger concerns like a cleft palate or disfigured skeletal structure. Sadly, many kids grow up thinking that differences are bad and whoever has them should be ridiculed or not associated with. This often leads to bullying, which has increased... [Read More]