October 31, 2012 Volume 13, Issue 1

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Is it now or never? Not for applications!

Seniors at RCHS have a variety of options to consider as they approach this next decision of not only where, but when to apply to college. For many schools, these options include early decision, early action, and regular decision. These choices may provide students with the opportunity to either complete the application process early or extend the time... [Read More]

RCHS does the improvable

... It has become a natural need for RCHS students to learn how to think on their toes. Many teachers highly value in-class discussion, involving participation from everyone. For the student who wouldn't list speaking in front of the class as one of their strengths, Improv Club is here to help. They meet every Monday after school in the drama room... [Read More]

Competition heats up in the tablet market

... If 2 people were sitting next to each other in a coffee shop and one had the latest iPad and the other was holding the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, most people would not be able to tell the difference. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple couldn't either. The company decided to file a lawsuit against Samsung in April 2011, claiming that they... [Read More]